It is because the weather is cold outside, getting ready is a challenge for everyone. Both getting out of the bed and picking the right weather-perfect outfit is a hard thing to do. The cold air blowing outside can be a burden in performing your supposed tasks during a day. This is why a specific item intended for this season must have its place on your list.

Although your closet might be full of items ready for ensemble, some of the perfect ones for the winter might not be in there yet. We give you the list of the fashionable essential items you can wear whether it is for office, meeting your dearests, or taking a sip of a latte in nearby cafe. From instagrammable coats to wintery boots, below are the 12 fashion items you need to have:

Winter Fashion blazer


This one will always be part of a woman’s wardrobe. Blazers are so flexible that it can be worn during work or any season – a winter-ready garment. It can be the classic or velvet one. Rock your blazer by pairing it with a hoodie, skinny jeans, and an ankle boots. This ensemble is truly perfect for a cold weather while looking fantastic in a wintery vibe. Need a blazer? Shop at



A dress during winter? Yes, you have read it right. A dress, but a knitted jumper dress, is one of the items you need to include in your winter fashion wardrobe. Knitted jumper dress is an option to look stylish and at the same time comfortable. This will become more comfy by matching this with black tights and an over-the-knee boots. You can wear a coat when you are settled inside a place. Opt for a relaxed type of a knitted jumper to match with your boots.



The turtle neck’s versatility is making it to be mostly chosen and picked-up by fashion enthusiasts for this item is very economical whether you pair it with a skinny jeans or a dress – this one looks more fashionable and sexier than ever. Turtle necks have levelled up nowadays that it’s no longer the typical monochromatic black or grey; there are neon-coloured that do exist in the market. A scarf will complete the look and will really compliment on your chosen turtle neck top. Having a scarf will add more comfort and warmth during cold weathers. Shop this item at and have it delivered straight to you.



Ankle boots are very complimentary in every wardrobe ensembles. Ankle boots are ever so classy and stylish to look at when worn with a dress and tights. This ensemble will surely look cool while it endures and resist the cold air blowing on you. Ankle boots is always good armour in protecting yourself from sliding unto icy and slippery streets. You just have to choose the right one; it does not have to be expensive or branded, opt for quality instead. Go out and kick the cold weather away with your ankle boots!



There’s nothing more effective shield during winter than a leather jacket. Due to the leather’s heavy-duty quality and evolving designs, it has been chosen widely and considered as an important item in every fashionista’s checklist. Leather jackets are undeniably edgy and cool when paired with a skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Make it more stylish by wearing an ankle or knee boots. This winter ensemble will surely fit and will look fab on you.



Miniskirt? Are you sure? Yes, it is so possible! Wearing a miniskirt during winter will not freeze you so long as you are to pick the right item to match with it. Grab a cable-knit top from and pair it with your miniskirt. Additionally, wear a tights and a knee-high boots to compliment with the over-all look. Your top and knee-high boots will give you enough warmth. Your miniskirt will definitely go a long way. 



Want to have a smart find? Buy a midi dress at and make it a statement by pairing it with a cardigan and a coat. This type of dress is so ideal in any season: during winter, you can pull this out on your closet and wear it with tights, a nice coat, and boots; during summer, pair it with strappy sandals. Midi dress is a nice option for women who are fond of styling through layering. Try this ensemble; it will surely work on you.



A teddy coat is not widely used and preferred by many. Although this has been kept unnoticed, this has been very stylish and a concrete solution if you left with choice what to wear – one of the go-to fashion item. Ironically, a teddy coat is very eye-catchy that when worn, people will really take a glance and will go noticed. So, why this item needs a space on your closet? It is very comfy to wear during winter giving you warmth and cozy feeling.

skinny jeans

I bet everyone – including you have a multiple skinny jeans that vary in style. This has been everyone’s go-to pants and will surely look fantastic whatever you wish it to be paired. You can pair them with a turtle neck top, a statement coat, and a pair of ankle boots, or sneakers. The versatility of skinny jeans is making it very in-demand in all markets all over the world. Wearing skinny jeans in a party, in church, or during an afternoon tea is totally fine – you can never go wrong.



A leopard printed dress is a statement dress. You can go animalistic this winter by pairing a black turtle neck top, black ankle boots, and take your leopard printed dress out of closet. Do not hesitate to bring Africa’s humidity into wintery states. Pair this dress with a right bag and you’re ready to slay!



Who does not want a statement coat? During winter season, it is the outer wear that matters. Make a move by wearing it over your monochromatic choice of fashion. Having a statement coat on your closet will surely add some sort of spice during a gloomy weather. This item adds something if you are fond of matching neutral-coloured outfits. Have your statement seen not heard!



Your footwear also matter; it completes the entire ensemble. You need to choose footwear that is eye-catchy and attention-stealer. Speaking of which, over the knee boots is exactly what you are looking for. This can be worn with a dress on top or jeans. You can also wear this anytime; during a morning coffee, or during an evening party. Over-the-knee boots are not making your look go beyond over!


Imagine being prepared of the things you are to wear every single day without compromising your fashion sense? Being chic and stylish during winter isn’t a problem. You just need to pull them up from your closet (or online), find its matches, and you’re ready to go. You will no longer spend your precious fifteen minutes in thinking what should be the perfect shoes in icy streets. Shop all these 12 fashion items by going over!