The fashion industry has taken a hit amid the pandemic crisis. While the challenging times are still apparent across the globe, the world of fashion is seemingly in a slow, yet steady process of recovery.

For this season, stylists and trendsetters have unveiled “bold and stylish” designs. As the world persists in healing and moving forward, Spring/Summer 2021 fashion weeks have provided new inspirations and perspectives.

If you are looking for trends and some information about the current hip, this post may help you out. Aside from the emerging style choices for this season, the current trends are also listed for references.

Top Trends To Spot On

There are several emerging fashion trends for the spring and summer season of 2021. While the public may take inspiration from each and every set or collection, these are the apparent courses that the industry is seemingly taking in the next few months.

Oversized Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jackets

Oversized Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jackets

Oversized boyfriend blazers are making a comeback once again for this year’s spring season. Because these items can serve as a cover-up, people can easily dress up or down, depending on their choices.

The pandemic has a significant impact on this trend, like in most other emerging trends this season. As noted, people are becoming more into comfortable items. But, style is still “in” considering that these blazers can revolutionize simple tees and bottom pairs.

Folk-Inspired Coats

Folk-Inspired Coats

Similarly, the same notion applies to coats. Most of the reasons under the oversized blazer trend are in parallel with the basis as to why these sartorial items are a trend these days.

It is worth noting, though, that these are not your ordinary coats. As seen in today’s sets and collections, the trend is moving toward folk-inspired designs, patterns, and style.

Apart from providing stylish and sleek appeal, these types of coats are also comfortable and easy to manage. They complement any body type and frame, making it convenient for everyone to wear them, either for dressing up or down.

Anything Pastel

Anything Pastel

Spring and summer collections almost always feature pastel tones. Amid the pandemic, as well as the lockdown measures, this trend seemingly remains.

Based on assertions, pastel-toned pieces and accessories always give a vibrant and uplifting “vibe” that can influence one’s mood, perspective, and even emotions. These are likely the reasons why it has become more apparent today because everyone needs something alleviating and mood-changing.

Current Trends Amid The Pandemic

Current Trends Amid The Pandemic

The pandemic has kept everyone grounded, and it still is as the crisis continues to impact almost every part of the globe. Considering that security measures are still in place, most of the fashion trends of 2020 are likely here to stay this year, no matter what the seasons are.

Here are some of those trends that everyone can relate to:

  • Comfort

Comfort is the number one fashion and clothing trend today. Data shows that there has been a surge in the purchase of comfortable goods, like Nike joggers, Crocs, UGGs, and Birkenstock pairs.

Due to the lockdown measures, the majority of the public has diminished the idea of needing to dress up. Whatever the seasons are, whether spring or summer or fall, people today are always going after comfort and convenience.

  • Functionality

Apart from the comfort trend, the functionality of clothing and accessory items has become a huge part of everyone’s everyday lives. One great example of this is face masks.

Since the officials’ guidance on decreasing the risks of contracting and spreading the deadly coronavirus, brands and labels have released their own respective mask collections and other protective garment sets. From that moment on, these pieces have become a significant aspect of every person’s life, no matter what the seasons are.

Current Trends Amid The Pandemic

The trendiest types, though, appear to be the ones that people can complement with their overall looks and styles. Hence, neutral tones and shades for masks and other protective gears are the more popular choices these past few months, and will likely remain the same in the future.

  • Statement

Statement-wear has become increasingly popular and trendy amid the pandemic crisis. Most of these pieces significantly involve lots of tees, caps, hoodies, and other comfortable tops.

But, aside from the existing crisis that the world faces, a lot has happened in the last few months, causing the public to utilize clothes and accessories for their support. From elections and protests, given the trying times, the mass has chosen to dress not to impress anymore. Instead, the majority has taken advantage of these items to deliver powerful statements and messages.

  • Local, Sustainable

Another trend in fashion that has become quite evident is local. Reports said that there has been a continuous growing demand for handmade and sustainable clothes.

Amid the pandemic crisis, almost everyone has become “conscious” of their actions and choices. Given the challenges and concerns, not only in terms of safety but in overall aspects of life, as well, the mindset has seemingly shifted. It appears that the public wants to help those that are in their own respective communities.

Current Trends Amid The Pandemic

Heading Toward The Future

Experts in the field are reportedly predicting a slow move for fashion in the next few months or even years. The trends that have become evident amid the pandemic are seemingly staying for the rest of the year. Some even claimed that the current events may cause “permanent changes” in the industry.

But, while these assertions still remain the same as time passes by, the possibilities are endless. Besides, fashion is art, which makes it subjective. Therefore, changes in trends will certainly take different courses as the world moves forward.

As noted, fashion is subjective. Also, no one knows what will happen in the next few days, weeks, months, or even years. So, while the trends these days are becoming more relatable to the rest of the world, this does not mean that they will stay the same for good. In the end, though, these are just guides and points for you to get inspiration from, for your day-to-day outfit and get-up, no matter where you go or what you do.