There are different benefits of getting a small apartment. Firstly, it can help you lessen the cost of rent. Aside from that, it usually looks and feels cozy and warm. Most people would also love to have a small apartment because these are usually located in downtown areas. If you know exactly how to decorate the small place, you will be able to make it more functional.


Did you know that you can always combine design and functionality? This is one thing that most people do not really think of. If you are living in a small apartment, you may focus only on getting furniture that are functional because you are thinking about the limited space. But this should not stop you from making it look aesthetically appealing. It may be small in terms of the space but you can always do something to make it look stylish.


Before you think of the decorations you will be integrating to your small space, you have to consider comfort. Your apartment should be comfortable and it should be an area where you can rest and do the things that will make you feel free and happy. With that, you should be considering things that you need while you integrate your personal style. Here are some of the tips and ideas you may want to consider when redecorating your small apartment:

 Redecorating Your Small Apartment

Choose Dual-Purpose Furniture

One of the considerations you need to make first is to choose items that are both functional but will also add to the overall design. In a small apartment, every inch is important. This is why you have to make sure that you are buying something that will not only eat up space but will also be fully functional. You can look for multi-purpose furniture for your bedroom. You can also look for some items that will be useful for your small living room or kitchen.


A hollow ottoman is very useful because it can be used as a storage, and you can also sit on it. You can also choose a bed that can be folded to function as a sofa. There are also choose a dining table that is space saving. The size of your furniture matters and this is why you also have to choose those furniture that will not make the space look smaller. Most of the modern furniture that you will find in the market nowadays are created for micro-living.

 Redecorating Your Small Apartment

Make Use of Light Color

Choosing the right color to make your apartment look more spacious is another important consideration. You have to know that darker colors can make the room look smaller. This is why you have to consider lighter shades as an overall palette for the large portion of the space. If you do not want it to look plain and boring, you can consider having an accent wall where you can have a darker shade. Having an accent color will make the room look more interesting.


Aside from choosing light color for the walls, you can also apply this for your furniture. Since you already have a main theme for the whole room, you can also apply it to the furniture that you will buy. Having the same shade in one area makes the room look more elegant. One more tip for statement walls; you have to limit it to a single area for it not to make the room look flashy. Remember that you just want to add a bit of bright or color.

 Floating Design

Floating Design

You should avoid bulky furniture because it can make the small apartment a bit crowded. This is where the idea of choosing floating decorations more appropriate. You can choose some items that you can hang. This way, you will still be able to maximize all spaces. Instead of installing the traditional vanity sink, you can have a floating one. There are also floating shelves that you can use in exchange of a large bookcase. Choosing furniture that will not take up the space in your floor is the main idea.


There are different ways on how you can maximize the floating design for your small apartment. You can create a gallery using photos or art pieces and just try to fill the space with them. You can also consider floating shelves. Strategizing will certainly make you appreciate this method.

 lighting for small apartment

Change the Atmosphere with Proper Lighting

If there are small windows or if there are some areas in the small apartment that does not have any window at all, you will see how it becomes darker and dull. This is something that is not really very beneficial for small apartments. It is important that there is enough light to make the room look brighter and spacious. There are different ways on how you can compensate for the lack of natural lighting.


You can consider adding some lighting fixtures not only in the kitchen but also in the bedroom. A flush mount or a pendant lighting will do the work. You can combine these with your ceiling fixtures. Aside from these, you can also add some table lamps that will not just add more on the brightness but will also serve as decors.

 mirrors for small apartment

Mirrors Can Also be Helpful

There are two ways on how you can make use of mirrors to decorate your small apartment. First, it can be used to reflect natural light and make the room brighter. This is one of the ways on how you can make the apartment look warm. Another way on how to make the room look better is to add mirrors to make it look spacious. It gives the illusion of bigger space. Aside from that, you can also use mirrors to create a gallery wall. Choose mirrors that vary in size, or you can also mix and match.

 mirrors for small apartment

The Right Size of Rug Matters

Being wise in choosing the sizes of items that you will be putting in your small apartment is very important. This is also something that is applicable to your rug. A small rug will only highlight the small space that you have. Instead of choosing smaller rugs, you can just get a large one that will be covering the whole area. This will make the room look more spacious. The goal is to make the apartment look more comfortable and spacious. This is one great idea that will not only add to the cozy atmosphere but will also create the illusion of space.


Choose those Folding Pieces

Even if you live in a small space, you will still need the same furniture that others are using. This is why you have to strategize in choosing the right pieces that will be perfect for your apartment. One of the best ways to redecorate is to choose folding pieces. There are some tables, chairs, and other furniture that can be folded when not needed. The best thing about these pieces is that they also come in handy as decorations.

Make Use of Dead Spaces

Make Use of Dead Spaces

If you are staying in the same apartment for a long time now, it may be a bit of a challenge to redecorate. This is because you are already used to where things are placed. But you have to be able to identify some dead spaces. Are those kitchen drawers and storage boxes empty? If they are, you have to consider making use of these spaces to store some items that are making the room look cluttered. As much as possible, the spaces in your small apartment should be used in an effective and efficient way. If one corner in the room is empty, you can think of a way to make it a useful area. Redecorating also means making sure that all of the spaces and storages are serving their purpose.


Aside from the items that are provided above, there are also simple ways on how you can redecorate your small apartment. First, you can consider reorganizing your things in  such a way that will make the room look more spacious. But you should not focus too much on creating space. Sometimes, filling it with the right furniture will also be better. As long as colors, sizes, and shapes are properly coordinated, it will definitely look organized.

Keeping a tidy and clear apartment is another way to be able to make it presentable. Always declutter and make use of storage boxes and places for things that you do not always use. This is one of the simple ways on how you can make it look spacious and free from clutter. Most people who live in a small apartment are there temporarily. Even if you are not really staying there for a long time, you have to make it comfortable. This is one of the best ways on how you will  be able to appreciate your personal space. Personalizing it by adding your favorite color and pieces will make your place a bit more cozy for you. You should also consider this.