Everyone's favourite day could be a weekend. During these days, we get a chance escape from stressful and busy days giving our minds and body the chance to rest and energize – getting ready for the next battles of work life. Above anything else, it gives us the freedom to wear anything we want, without any dress codes to follow just like any other days of the week. From wearing sexy shorts to strutting of our Hawaiian dresses at the beach – no one gets any sanctions.

Weekends are a perfect time to go for an adventure on the type of clothes you are to wear. Since you got no dress code to follow, you can blend pieces and designs to make the most amazing looks; no matter it is casual or formal look. Be bold in choosing pieces that would make you confident and comfortable than ever.

We have compiled the best and beautiful casual and cool weekend outfits for you to wear. Ignite that artistic side of you by spending very minimal time thinking of what to wear and instead seize most of your day off to have fun and relaxation. This compilation involves casual dresses and some of blinging accessories. Here are the casual and cool weekend outfits for you to assemble and some fashion tips for your mind to bear:

long-sleeved white top paired with black leggings

Staying-in Outfit

This outfit covers all the bases, whether you plan on spending your whole weekend on the couch catching up on your favourite drama series, reading some inspirational books, or you plan to run a few low-key errands like going to the groceries. It involves long-sleeved white top paired with black leggings and a grey ribbed knit cardigan from RobaOnline.com. This ensemble is very ideal, comfy, and very light – perfect outfit formula for just staying at home.

high-waisted denim jeans plus a black or white graphic tee

Go-To Outfit

            A perfect go-to outfit is a combination of high-waisted denim jeans plus a black or white graphic tee. High waist jeans are so on-trend and a black or white tee is classic that the two will surely look compatible and perfect. Get a pair of brown boots at robaOnline.com and an oversized pinkish blazer for a chic and stylish go-to outfit. With this ensemble, you can rush to wherever you want to go without worrying your outfits’ suitability.

tattered skinny jeans and an oversized sweatshirt

Super Cozy Outfit

This adorable little outfit will keep you feeling relaxed whether you hang in home or run errands. This outfit comes with a tattered skinny jeans and an oversized sweatshirt. This super cozy combination will is very ideal during windy or not so cold weathers. You may add some comfy teddy coats for greater weekend attire. To complete the fashion statement, grab a pair of sneakers or a boots. Just be careful on choosing colors, a much safer option is to go monochrome.

sequined mini black dress

Weekend Party Outfit

Weekends are not complete without drinking a glass of champagne or going to a party. When making a list of weekend outfits, party get ups should always be on top of the list. Choosing the right one, however, is a challenge for a lot of girls. A sequined mini black dress with a dramatic neck line is a great choice and will never go wrong. Pairing this dress with a nude pumps will definitely make you ready for tonight’s party.

floral dress

Summer Weekend Outfit

Summer is an escape from wearing heavy thick coats and jackets. This season is pushing us to wear dresses and clothes that are lightweight and comfortable. For a warm weather escape, a floral dress from RobaOnline.com is a perfect option to strut during summer. For your footwear, choose comfy white sneakers. Sneakers look good with a floral dress. Complete this outfit combo with a belt bag available. If you are looking for your choice of floral dress, visit robaOnline.com and step up your game with a style.

high-waist pants paired with a strapped black spaghetti top

Weekend Date Outfit

Check out this ensemble for a stunning and fashionable outfit. This look is perfect for a dinner date. It features high-waist pants paired with a strapped black spaghetti top.  Tuck the top into the high-waist pants to show your sexy figure. These hit just above the ankle and feature a wide belt that cinches the waist perfectly. For your shoes, pick that black heels to help that beautiful pants really stand out. Go for a subtle descent necklace and a glitzy chained bag for accessories. For your hair, opt for loose curls and match it with red nails. So modern and chic!

floral maxi dress

Weekend Brunch Outfit

A floral maxi dress is a very comfortable and elegant piece of fashion to wear during a brunch with your best friends. Isn’t nice to chitchat freely and comfortably about life, memories, or men? Brunch and chitchat is really part of girly things. Pair the dress with an espadrille – an escape from painful heels. To complete the look, grab your favourite sunglasses and your round straw bag. This ensemble is truly fashionable and practical without compromising your comfort.  You can further play with look by wearing a cascading floral earing.

one-shouldered white jumpsuit with ruffles

Weekend Event Outfit

Get trendy and cool with your outfit of choice and be bold in trying out new ensembles if you are preparing to grace a party, church, or some other weekend events. It's a great time to do some experiment on pretty fashion ensembles. A one-shouldered white jumpsuit with ruffles is a perfect choice. It is not everyone’s top choice but why not give it a try? Pair it with nude or brown strappy sandals, a shoulder bag, and tiny pearl earrings for a clean and chic look.


It can be a tricky thing to find the right one between an ensemble deserving of fashion nods and one that offers comfort on a weekend. Weekend fashion must be a good-looking combination of pieces that suits your personality. These pieces should look something that blends with each other. A fashion formula is always necessary to be able for you to wear comfortable and at the same time, stylish and trendy pieces. Visit robaOnline.com to shop and get these weekend fashion ensembles straight to your door steps!